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Massage Therapy that Targets Exactly What Your Body Needs

Over the last 20+ years, I have studied and practiced different bodywork techniques that enable me to work with diverse populations.  Each massage therapy session changes with the needs of my clients and is never one-size fits all. Even with my years of education and experience, I have no “formula” in my work. I utilize intuition and an integration of modalities that allow me to seamlessly combine techniques and the dynamics of pressure to achieve the best possible result for each individual client.

Manage Chronic Pain, Improve Painful Movement and
Decrease Muscle Tension through Massage Therapy



A part of my years of practice has been working with athletes: from weekend warriors, competitive age-groupers and professionals.  As a former junior hockey player, a long-time runner, and former triathlete and cyclist, I come to my work with a unique degree of knowledge about the needs of the athlete.  Athlete clients rely on my knowledge, insights and manual skills to facilitate muscle recovery and reverse the fatigue from their training efforts, pain from over-training, nagging minor muscle injuries, or more serious injuries that require working in conjunction with other health professionals.



I'm not sure I know a better remedy for stress than a great massage. In the right hands, one can be transported and reminded what its like to take care of yourself and shed the hold of stress. Stress shows itself through chronic headaches, fatigue, insomnia,  TMJ and other debilitating symptoms. Massage has many positive effects on the body and is very effective on relieving stress.



Skilled bodywork is essential to any injury and rehabilitation plan. I have worked with many clients on their rehab in collaboration with other health professionals, such as Orthopedics, physical & occupational therapist, chiropractors and acupuncturists.



Relief from acute or chronic pain is central to my practice and my years of experience can lead to quick relief of many painful areas of the body. Understanding the nervous system and how the muscles react to pain is key to know what approach is needed to bring relief.

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